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  • Automatic System
  • Min 50 viewers; Max 500 viewers
  • Automatically increase viewer when start livestream
  • Viewers will be enough in the first 2-5 minutes
  • Only use for 1 Facebook ID
  • Use for 1 month (30 days)
  • Daily start time from 00:00 (UTC +7)
  • We accept Facebook Personal Page or Facebook Fan Page



Live Stream on Facebook is the fastest and most effective trend in sale promotion in relation to customer approach. However, not everyone who goes Livestream for sale promotion might achieve the desired number of viewers. Understanding the needs of customers, we launch a service to boost Livestream viewers to solve that problem.

Buy Facebook Live Feed Viewers, you say. You can buy your facebook live viewers from us, view will up from word and see the current time, time limit and number of live in one month.

Since its launch, live streaming video has grown in popularity, with 16% of marketers broadcasting it in 2016. Facebook Live is particularly popular — videos see 3X the engagement of traditional videos shared on the platforms, and millions of users live stream on Facebook around the world.

Buy FB Live Views

Buy Facebook Live Viewers

SO now you can buy Buy Facebook Live Feed Viewers and get more exposure to your live feed, gaining more facebook live viewers can really help boost your live feed exposure, then leading to getting even more organic viewers.

Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Field their burning questions, hear what’s on their mind and check out their Live Reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going. SO having many viewers also makes your live feed a lot more interesting and fun to engage with. This is why we suggest to Buy Facebook Live Feed Viewers. Many people on the internet who stream are looking for ways to gain more facebook live viewers and we are the first.

Facebook live viewers are very important to your feed, it creates a lot of engagement, and its also fun to talk back to your viewers who are watching you all over the world. This have never been offered anywhere on the internet before, this is a brand new service Buy Facebook Live Feed Viewers.

One of the primary ways Facebook’s algorithm ranks a post is by how many people Like and share it. The more people who Like and share your live broadcast, the more it’ll show up in people’s News Feeds. Each live viewer can engage, this is why buy facebook live viewers is a great option to enhance your live feed presence.

As soon as you begin recording your live video, you’ll start slowly but surely showing up in people’s News Feeds. The longer you broadcast — especially as Likes, comments, and shares start coming in — the more likely people are to discover your video and share it with their friends.

What is Livestream viewer boosting service?

Facebook Livestream boosting is the service that increases the viewers of LiveStream. LiveStream boosting helps individuals, businesses, singers, actors, celebrities, etc. increase the trust in their products and services from customers, partners and fans.

Purpose of Livestream viewer boosting

Boosting Livestream viewers helps sellers create credibility, trust, crowd effects and keeps customers and fans watching longer. Also, when your Livestream has many viewers, there is an opportunity to put the Livestream video on the suggestion of Facebook.

How to use the Livestream viewer boosting service

Choose Live package and pay

To use the Livestream viewer boosting service, you choose the package that fits your budget and pay. Fifteen minutes after payment, the system will work to increase viewers for your Facebook when going Livestream.

Will the number of viewers increase right away or slowly?

The number of viewers will increase slowly and naturally as they do in about 5-20 minutes depending on the requirements of each customer that we set up accordingly.

Monthly boosting of Livestream viewers

  • 1 month equals 30 days
  • Automatically boost viewers in every Livestream
  • Unlimited Livestream time
  • Unlimited number of Livestream times
  • Do not share Livestream on your wall within the first 10 minutes

Note during the Livestream process

When you first start Livestream you cannot share Livestream on your wall, otherwise the viewers will not be able to access the Livestream. If you have shared it but do not see it, please delete the shared post. If you want to share, please wait for 5-10 minutes for the system to reach sufficient viewers before sharing.

Benefits of using the Facebook Livestream viewer boosting service

  • Create crowd effects, attract viewers to your Livestream
  • Create credibility and trust from customers for your products
  • Make a good impression with partners, customers and fans, etc.
  • A large number of viewers will attract new customers and keep customers watching until the end of the Livestream.
  • Opportunity to make Livestream video appear on Facebook’s suggestion.

The reason you should use our Livestream viewer boosting service

  • Prestige: credibly boosting Livestream viewers is a leading factor and is praised by hundreds of customers.
  • Quality: boosting Livestream viewers with high quality is the service we are always aiming at, and we assure the number of LiveStream viewers in accordance with the packages that customers have chosen.
  • Quick: immediately process your requests right upon your placement of orders.
  • Safety: views are real and actual, which is safe for your Facebook account.
  • Efficiency: efficiently boost Livestream viewers to help you create creditability, reputation and trust. Especially when the number of viewers are high, there is high chance that your Livestream will be on Facebook’s suggestion.
  • Security: we commit not to disclose any of your information to any third party.
  • Cheapest price: we directly receive and process your orders, which helps reduce your costs regarding intermediaries.

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Additional information

Amount viewers

50 viewers, 100 viewers, 200 viewers, 300 viewers, 500 viewers

Max time/1 Live

2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours


1 Live/day, 2 Live/day, 3 Live/day

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  1. Tina

    Good service

  2. Xenia

    I used this service. The support team is very fast.

    • admin

      Thank you!

  3. Tullia

    Very reputable, fast support

  4. Johh

    Very Good!

  5. Marry

    Well done!

  6. theomg101 (verified owner)

    Very good service! using it since last year. sometimes has problem, but support team replied so fast! thank you 😀

    • Dieu Nguyen

      Thank you!

  7. Eazy (verified owner)

    Good service just what inexpected. I just wish they would bring back the minimum of 50 viewer monthly. 1000 viewers minimum is out of my budget.

  8. ibrahim

    Is it still available

    • Dieu Nguyen

      This service is still active.

      • Dieu Nguyen

        Yes. This service is active

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